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13.10.2017- We have deicided to go on with four members mainly for reasons of practicality, with Kristian Nyman handling the main vocals in addition to the bass guitar. We have so many songs that the rest of the year will be spent practicing those. But in 2018, we will get back to gigging and work our debut album. Cheers and keep it death metal! -WM CREW

03.10.2017- We regret to inform you that Whitemour parts ways with vocalist P. Haarala. WM thanks him for the years we spent together and wishes good luck for his future affairs. Now begins the search for a new vocalist. If you are interested in auditioning, you can find more information here: https://muusikoiden.net/wanted/nayta.php?id=153495

26.08.2017- Sanansaattaja (Harbinger) official lyric video released! Check it out!

06.08.2017- Our 4 song promo EP is allmost ready! Check out our teaser on youtube!

14.07.2017- Kuolinaamio (Deathmask) official music video released!

07.06.2017- We will not be gigging for a while, because we'll go to studio to work on our debut album set for release in 2018 and to practice new songs, which we have quite a few. See you at our concerts in 2018!

29.05.2017- Site updated!

14.05.2017- Drums recorded to the upocoming promo!

01.05.2017- We starting to make 4 song promo and after we finished our promo, we start recording our debut album! So stay tuned!

New whitemour lineup in 2015!


In the year 2014 Whitemour decided to make a comeback. So began a hunt for new musicians. In the Summer of 2015 the band had gained a new drummer. By Autumn of the same year, a new bassist/backing vocalist was found and the previous one got promoted to a guitarist. The new main vocalist was also found around shortly after that. Currently Whitemour is working on new material, wich will be on the debut album. There will also be gigs in the near future, but the album's release date has not yet been decided..



Our new release "kuolinnaamio (deathmask) is on the demo of the month in Imperiumi.net!

7" vinyl out!


7" vinyl single out! We have this rarity only 4 copies left. Order your own copy at: whitemour@gmail.com

Latest release: Kuolinnaamio (deathmask) single 2017


Our latest release: Kuolinnaamio (deathmask) was released in March 2017. Now in Spotify!.

Whitemour Is:


Kristian Nyman: Main vocals and Bass

Juha Kormano: Guitar

Kristian Mäkinen: Guitar and backing vocals

Juho Lepistö: Drums