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Whitemour biography 2006-2016

Whitemour was founded in Seinäjoki, Finland in 2006 by two friends, Jani Rohunen and Miika Åkerberg. At first, this was only a pastime for these two young fellows, who had of one guitar and one electric drum set. However, the guys got so into it that they decided to found a real band. This band initially played black metal and, after a few months of searching, another guitarist called Hannu Nyyssölä was found..

An "audition" was held for Hannu and since that moment Whitemour had two guitarists and a drummer. After playing as a trio for a while, they obviously wanted a singer and an actual practice room.Until then, the practices were held at a row house apartment, with an electric drum set and headphones. An appropriate practicing room was found, and the hunt for a singer began. Singer's place was filled by Eero Viianen and Suvi Ojala, sister of the other guitarist was placed on backing vocals The band started to sound pretty good so it was time to record the first demo called Journal of flesh and blood. The demo had three songs and one hidden track. Because Whitemour had no bass player at the time, the guitarist Jani Rohunen played the bass tracks on the demo..

The year 2006 passed. The band was suffering of frequent absence of the singer and had trouble paying for the training facilities. First the singer was fired and then the training room was lost. The drummer claimed to have no time for practicing either. So for a while rest of the band was wondering what to do. Quitting was not an option. An announcement was posted online saying that a training place was needed. The message was answered by Jukka Vainio, future drummer of the band. With a new drummer and training facilities, things finally started to seem better. After playing for a while, the drummer said that he knew a guitarist who could come play the bass for the band. This guitarist was called Juha Kormano and he got to be the bassist. A new singer, Mikko Hautala, was found after auditions. It was clear that Whitemour would not be a cover band and the men, mainly Juha Kormano, began writing their own songs. During 2008-2012 the band recorded one single called "Produced minds and sculpted beauty" and two EP:scalled "Chaos Anthem" And "Astarte". The band played gigs as often as they were available. Up until the year 2012 the band had had three vocalists. Mikko Hautala sang on the single. Aku Rahkonen was in the band for a while and did vocals on the "Chaos Anthem" - EP. Joni Puntala sang on the EP "Astarte" which was released in 2012. That same year the band broke up. But once again Whitemour rise from the ashes. In the year 2014 the guitarist Jani Rohunen thought about the band's fate. A lot of songs remained unreleased and the thought of doing gigs once more seemed appealing..

A hunt for band members began again. Juho Lepistö was hired to play the drums in the summer of 2015 and after a while of consideration Juha Kormano was promoted from bassist to guitarist. Kristian Nyman was chosen to be the new bass player and he also became a backing vocalist. In the autumn of the same year a main singer, Petri Haarala was found. Whitemour is once again complete and is currently practicing for upcoming concerts and writing new material. Now the goal is to play as many gigs as possible, write songs for the debut album and at some point to go to studio. One name of South-Ostrobothnian death metal has come back..

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